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Why do you need a seo copywriter?

Because the words (or text) the visitor reads on your website can be the difference between both a high search engine ranking and converting sales/generating enquiries depending on your business.

Websites have to be written for “scan readers” as that’s how 91% of visitors will read your website page and make a decision!

SEO Copywriting for Website Visitors

Our copywriting objectives for website visitors

  • Is the text relevant to the website visitor as they will make this
    decision in a few seconds
  • Integrate the text with the search term the visitor used
  • Provide the right amount of detail for the visitor to make a decision
  • The text should be very clear around the next stage of purchase or
    contact with you
  • Make the page the right lenght for seo but easily read by your visitor
  • Integrate text with images to give a full overview of what you do

SEO Copywriting for Google

SEO Copywriting for Google
Our copywriting objectives for Google.

  • Is the text written with “relevance”
  • Do the keywords and key phrases match the title tags, meta description and h1 tag
  • Is the text written around your keywords
  • Keyword density is correct and not viewed as “spammy”
  • Are the keywords in the right place and at the right frequency
  • Is everything spelt correctly and grammatically correct

Copywriting is a specialist skill so let us take the pressure away from you and compose text which will meet your objectives.