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Website SEO

February 10th, 2012

In this post we’ll have a look at what a website owner can do to help their website rise in the search engine rankings. A lot of website owners think that they have to outsource all their seo work when in fact the work they can do themselves is as important as the work companies like ourselves provide.

Website owners can control -

Above anything else Google want your website to be seen as an expert/authority on the page title you have chosen.

These relatively  simple points can take a bit of time to get right but the results are very worthwhile. We have seen with our own websites that doing the points listed above to a high standard improves rankings and at no cost!

How important is the domain name to seo ?

November 25th, 2011

This is a question which has caused a few discussions in the office over recent weeks!

Once upon a time keyword matched domain names were a “must have” for seo and the best way to top the rankings, today the value has dropped by around 50% but are still a very effective way to give weight to your website.

If you can’t get an exact match domain for you market then have a look at the url’s on your website. If your service is carpet cleaning maybe your website could contain the url This works well for companies which already have a “brand” but would like a stronger online platform.

Before anyone rushes out to buy all the domains for their market a word of caution. The domain match will help any website to begin with but must be backed up with other ranking factors including relevant text and a good backlink campaign.